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I challenge you..

.. this month of June, to have more fun with playing the piano – in only 15 minutes a day 🙂

  • if you always wanted to play piano, but never did because you don’t have a lot of time -> start now
  • if you already play well, but would like to get better in improvising and creating your own versions of things -> JOIN ALSO
  • We will support you this month with many of our cool videolessons, step by step

Do you also want to play 9 famous songs and grow your music skills in only 15 mins a day? then JOIN our PIANO CHALLENGE!

I will support you this month for free – how cool is that 🙂 But: It’s only in June – so: be quick.

Just enter your name and email in the box on the right, and then we will start the challenge!

Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to participate in this challenge together with you

Other people about Colijn:

Yessss This is FUN !!!!!
Addictive!!! Haha bring it on!
Wow this makes me happy
I’m having more and more fun! It sounds immediately so great! Never thought I would be able to improvise!
Rolien (FR)
With unlimited confidence, optimism, enthusiasm and his movingly
beautiful piano-playing he knows how to get the best out of both the beginners and
the advanced.
René Schuurman van Rouwendal (NL)
Colijn, in the period you coached me you were able to completely be there for me. Moreover, in a way that you didn’t get carried away by my story but to really listen and to hear what was going on for me. You do this in a respectful, boyish and determined way. You are a fantastic great and authentic human being with an exceptional amount of energy and flair.
Walter Pennekamp (NL)
Thanks for your always motivating support !!
Chantal (FR)
Perfect method to make musical progress
Bernard Treep (NL)
I think it’s awesome. Colijn is for me a musical horn of plenty: He knows so much about music, I leave our meetings everytime charged with new musical input. I get new ideas on how to make my improvisations more interesting. I discover how music is structured, how the chord scheme is
structured and why. I’m getting practical tips how to practise rhythms, patterns and melodies and improve my overall playing. And since we depart from my own questions and wishes I mainly do things that I really like and need. I feel like a kid in a candy store whilst Colijn keeps the balance between theory and practice; between melody and rhythm.
Jaap Korpel (NL)

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